Friday, February 26, 2010

What Kristie and I did do last night

Ate chinese food, got drunk, called friends and got no responses, laid on the floor laughing (me), watched America's Best Dance Crew, proceeded to take a long drunk shower, Felt dizzy and ill and ran to my bed. Where I slept still in my towel and wet hair from the shower. Since I have no shame, I'll say I'm on my period and didn't recognize that as a drunk citizen. Also my hair somehow formed an unnatural poof akin to a bumpit on the right side. Had to take another shower this morning.

Homework done for my afternoon class: None.

Dream I had last night:

I found a hidden staircase next to my bed room entrance that led to a loft I'd never noticed. Upstairs there was a circle of four couches, and just like a really nice space for hanging out (we don't have much of that in our apartment). Then I realized out of the loft there was a roller coaster-like track that had a cart you could sit in that was a direct line to the Mr. Chicken on route 9. The cart would leave at random times with no warning. I accidentally got in the cart and went but didn't order anything. It was next to the space station restaurant. At the Space Station restaurant (chicken nuggets, rainbow room) Sharon and maybe Carly were there. They said they they wanted to do something. I said we should have a get together in the upstairs of my apartment. Sharon said, "Yeah I have to plan it, it's my birthday, who should I invite?". We decided just the girls and Mark (Stef's boyfriend). I was up in the loft. Girls filtered in. Then all of a sudden crazy people like from high school/college and/or my relatives were coming. An old man that I swear was in the Escape to Witch Mountain movie said he was my old teacher. My dad was there. My paternal grandfather was there. I pulled Mike G. aside and said "I know this isn't real and I'm making it up because my grandfather died in 8th grade" then I hysterically cried because I felt overwhelmed by that. I ran into a sun room (unexplained). I met a woman with huge eyes and claws for hands. She was the human version of the animal she trained. I forget what animal, but it kind of looked like a mini sloth or slow lorris. It went at about 100mph and ran over things fast.. like around your body but you couldn't even feel him. He was super cute. Hung out with him for a while, then kind of got freaked out. I felt like I had to leave. I checked my money on my dresser and it wasn't American/ and or/ was counterfeit. I had a 26 dollar bill. I was really mad at the convenience store guy for giving me back bad change. I went outside. A bunch of guys I had never seen in my life were hanging out. I decided to get drunk with them. I had brought out my rum. Then Katie W. came out and drank some. Then the guys yelled at me saying I had finished my rum and now was drinking theirs. A guy (who was kind of attractive but I wasn't attracted to) got up in my face and told me "We could either go to my bed right now and fuck and you don't have to worry about the rum or you have to pay. I said, "I have to go to the ATM. All I have is this 26 dollar bill". I figured if we got drunk we'd have sex anyway. So I started to walk down the street, rum in hand, off to my nearest ATM. Then I woke up....

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