Monday, January 26, 2009

Trampled Underfoot

I have yet to make a post in this new year. And fitting it is that today, the first day of classes, is the day I choose to update. Well, I actually didn't have class. Tomorrow is my first day. But I did make a trip to campus and attempted to take care of some governmental issues, but didn't end up doing much. On the positive side, I ran into my French friend Joanna on the bus and we talked and she has my number and we're going to hang out. She is so adorable. For some reason she was convinced I was in her first class even though I never said I was. It was really awkward to explain. I also got an excess check from the University today which is amazing. I'm actually being paid to attend school. It will definitely go towards next month's rent.

So, in a sad way I feel like this Winter Break was actually the best I've ever had. I got to see New York, see my sister, Sharon, my Mom, Aiden, spend lots of time getting to know quiet Amherst (which besides bus schedules, is really a great break from the people-filled mass that it normally is), watched too many bad movies with Mike, watched too many bad movies with Carly, and ate a lot of junk. It got really relaxing waking up in the house and going off to do whatever I wanted everyday. But now, alas, it looks like it will be another jam-packed semester. My first professor already kind of seems lame via email. But, we'll see.

I want to send a blog-licious-thank-you to Sarah J. for hooking me up with my new job. I have only been twice but already it is vastly silly, giggly, and basically filled with hours of me sitting at a desk raking through heaps of little kid nonsense. It's like a four hour conversation with Aiden on acid. Well, sorta. And it seems like the type of job that won't stress me out or interfere with school. My boss gives me hope because she is actually spending her whole life doing what she loves. And being really successful with it. [Note: Neil, my boss is editing an Anthology called Geektastic and John Green is in it].

The new faux-Sarah is really nice, and very strange. I've had the pleasure of kinda-getting to know her and already I feel like I know really personal things. Maybe that's because I've seen her naked [changing out of bathing suit]. She's actually the only one in the house I've seen completely nude. Gulp.

I feel like I have nothing to say, or a lot to say.

I also feel guilty for being bad at friendships and not communicating. This last month I've been somewhat anti-internet and given up blogs, facebook messages, and emailing. And I hope that starting schoolwork will be my triumphant return.

Krebbloggs, Krebstar, Krebduds.