Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need some Clarification

Just watched random SVU (obsessed!) and Stabler was mackin it with his new partner who is not Olivia and I thought he was married. WHAT. What is this? No, really. What does this mean? Why are not Stabler and Benson mackin it? They love each other, they really do. Let's just admit that.

Also: Olivia Benson is so hot.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trapped in transit

I haven't updated in a long while--and I could explain why but the real reason is I don't know why. I guess I've just been living life and haven't had much time to mull over my thoughts. I've been spending some nice times with some nice people and so far this summer, although I haven't done much, has allowed me to travel slightly and hang out and I actually have friends near me as opposed to being on the island stuck in a friendless zone. I never realized how not-horrific summers had to be. Butttt, I do miss the family and the beach. I must visit and bask in Lambert's Cove and cuddle with a sibling or two.

I would say more, and really do want to say more but now is not the exact time. For now, I am okay. Fine. New apartment is swell.

I have been listening to: The Beta Band, New Pornographers, The Dirty Projectors, Yeasayer, Beirut. These are new finds. :]