Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Kristie and I could do tonight

a. sit at home watch a movie, bye bye sleep.
b. sit at home, stare, talk
c. sit at home do homework, don't hang out with each other
d. go out to eat
e. go out to a bar and drink and look at one another
f. invite people (Carly)and do d. e.
g. Diva's
h. go to the movies
i. flick a bic til we're stuck to the couch
j. sit at home and yoga
k. sit at home and dance though I've been doing this for 3 hours alone
l. sit at home and get drunk, do a., b., k.
m. get drunk outside
n. play apples to apples by ourselves
o. oranges!
p. penises!
q. quilts!
r. reggae music!
s. Sex!
t. Terri!
u. Umbrellas!
v. Voodoo!
w. Witches!
x. Xylophones!
y. Yummy!
z. Zebras!
aa. ritual suicide
bb. disemboweling

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