Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

I went with my roommate to her lab (where she makes test tube babies that glow in the dark!) and I saw the rats that she works with. As I was helping her weigh them and writing down things in a notebook, I spied one of the male rats doing something curious. There's no better way to say this then to just come out right and say it. The rat was auto-fellating himself. A little nubbin like a dog's pink lipstick stuck out of the rat tummy as he slurped on it. Two other rats joined it.

My roommate was unphased and said she once saw the inside of a female rat's vagina while giving birth. Just your average day.

A rat. Sucking his own dick. Two other male rats sucking him after. GAY GAY GAY RAT ORGY EROTICA. I'VE NEVER SEEN PORN.

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