Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love love

Moralism: a Didactic Post

Unlike those Valentines-Antagonizers, I for one have no problem with love. I know, I know, singles feel "bad" about themselves. Or, supposedly they do. But honestly, if you feel ~uncomfortable~ with a day because you are single, then you just must not be secure with who you are as a person. I love myself single and have absolutely no problem with my singlehood. I almost irritate myself more when I'm in a relationship. So, I just want to propose the idea NOT to hate on a holiday that celebrates love. Who doesn't love love? I mean, who doesn't like feeling loved? Be honest. Nobody. Nobody is like, "Yeah I hate how the person that I love also loves me". It seems Love-Hatin' is almost as cliched as Love-Celebratin'. And I'm not talking solely about romantic-sex-love here. I am spending today with some lovely friends of mine, all of whom I love. Why? Because I love love. And if you're reading this, I probably love you too.

"With our love, we could save the world, if they only knew"

Next: Why is it we can say we did something shameful we did 15 years ago... or preface stories, "no but I was in 2nd grade!". I really wish we could own what we did yesterday. If we owned what we did yesterday, there would be a lot more takin responsibility for ourselves as a whole. It seems we like to run away from who we are NOW or what we just did, but we are willing to accept the freaky, embarrassing, mistake-ridden self of the past. Step up: be yourself, own yourself and go fucking love somebody (not just yourself and including yourself!).

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