Friday, May 1, 2009

I'd give you everything I got for a little peace of mind

This is how you look and feel during Spring in Amherst:

This is how you look and feel after sustaining a serious head injury, 2 inch cut skull deep in the scalp, 20 staples to close. The doctor's said I had an amazing brain after they looked at the CAT scan. I don't know how they can tell that or what that means.

Me after hospital:

My head wasn't the only thing hurt, this is a picture of one of my bruises, actually from an intimate area of my body but shh:

I'm rockin the head scarf currently.

Today I've felt the best yet, but still dealing with it. And I'm also a greasy rat. The body is an extraordinary machine.


sarah j. said...


:cccccc bebe

and yeah, do do have a pretty amazing brain, i would say. i can tell without a cat scan!

Neil Everett said...

The head scarf isn't a bad look. Also happy to hear that you are feeling better. Katie's shirt pre-hospital is crescent fresh.