Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can you take me back?

This is Neil and I. We've never taken a picture of us in the 6 years of our friendship.

The semester is over. Summer has started. This should be the time of year for relief, dancing, mistake-making, and being idle. However, since I'm in the middle of moving and don't have a job this time of year is instead a time of stress, anxiety, annoyance, and uncertainty. Although school work is insanely boring and time consuming, whenever summer comes, barring the weather, I wish it was time for class again. Class gives me structure and means that I'm not working full time and lazing away my afternoons. There is something much more comforting about that.

This week I've helped three people move and still have to move myself. I am getting pretty sick of it at this point. I've cleaned/packed the living room and some of the kitchen. I still haven't started my room or the bathroom. It will be a long week.

I really don't want a job, but I need money. I'm so lazy. I need some source of renewal.

It's been a month since I hit my head today. It's still kickin' too. It hasn't healed at the very top yet. I still have phantom stapling twangs of pain, too. Still wanting to go to bed early like a senior citizen, too.

I got a free printer from a German boy but he didn't give me a software disk or a cord to plug it in to an outlet. Should I sell this?

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Neil Everett said...

I'm not sure why it took six years, especially since we both enjoy photography, but it came out pretty good. Good luck with the job hunt and moving!