Friday, May 8, 2009

here's coming a better version of me

MY STAPLES ARE OUT! After two weeks of healing, I just got 20 staples removed from my head. The procedure took only about ten minutes and was pretty painful. (The staples that hurt the most going in, hurt the most coming out, go figure). The doctor that saw me made me do those wacky neurological tests that I had to do 5 times in the hospital. You basically shake your limbs, stick out your tongue and jiggle about. Not so much different from my normal behavior. I had a wonderful rotund, dread-locked aging nurse take them out for me. She had a Southern accent and kept calling me baby. It was sweet. I held onto Kristie's hand. Was in pain for a while. My head bled slightly. Now it feels very tender and I'm not allowed to shower for a while. The nurse said my hair was kind of tangled but that she wanted me to "dread it up". I'm now sitting in the library looking at a jar of staples that I never actually got to see in me. I'm going to celebrate tonight via Sharon and poetry reading.

In other news, my sister just cracked a tooth open with Kashi cereal and has to see an oral surgeon. We're all falling apart.

In other other news I had a flashback memory of getting stapled and remembered the doctor said to turn on the TV to distract me. It was a Mariah Carey video or something because all I remember was being face down getting my scalp stapled with Mariah Carey in the background. Vile.

So, in conclusion:

Kashi: 1
Tooth: 0

Mariah Carey: 0
World: 1

Katie: 1
Staples: 0


Neil Everett said...

I'm glad to hear the staples are out and that none fell out accidentally or receded into your skull. The pain is probably all over with too, which is definitely a plus. Heal better, feel better. TTYS

kat(hryn) said...

The pain is not over. Getting out the staples made the wound just out and the open and it re-hurts now when I stretch my head in any way like washing my face. So, I can hope that in a week or two I'll be tip-top.