Thursday, February 12, 2009

That ice is slowly melting

This week has unfolded in a most serendipitous manner. Work was canceled on Wednesday, today my first two classes were canceled, work has been canceled for tomorrow, and Monday is a Holiday. I have so much work though, so this ease comes at a good moment. I'm also going through a rough cold. I've been playing that obnoxious sneezing girl in class who blows her dripping nose every twenty seconds. The other day in my Shakespeare Film class we were watching West Side Story and an intended to be tender moment came on. My nose started running and I had to blow hard into my tissue. I probably looked like a sentimental sap crying over Maria and Tony's ill destined love, but no, not me.

I have to write a paper on the movie Crash this weekend and how it relates to ethnicity and stereotypes. It's one of those papers that seems so easy that it's almost difficult to do. Overall, I really didn't care for the movie. It was completely full of racism. Yeah, I get that's the point. It's supposed to put the harsh, real stuff out there to make people aware. But the ending was not redeeming and if anything it just repeated bad stereotypes over and over. The film almost seemed self aware that it was supposed to be this great revolutionary movie the whole time. Not to mention anything with Sandra Bullock and Brendan Frasier I refuse to take seriously.

Right outside my apartment I slipped on ice and fell down today. I bruised my knee pretty badly and got some cuts on my hand. I've decided nothing can make you feel less in control or more of an idiot than falling on ice. There is an awkward buffoonery to it that has no rival.

I've decided to include pictures of me that are on my computer that probably nobody has seen much of. For critical entertainment purposes.

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sarah j. said...

my word verificaton was "buschap".

you hot beast. also! i miss justin!