Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Blue Frog in Bad Decline

Currently at the library riffling through my fellow creative writers work. I have to write them all a one page response to their stories. With one page written, I look on to two more. The one I'm working on was thoroughly a bad story. I hate writing about someone's work I can't take seriously in any way. Though, it might be preferable to someone who I think writes amazingly. Yeah, who knows. My short story is due Tuesday and my writing thoughts are still barren. Any ideas? Sarah J., I'm calling to you for your word inspired madnessgeniusgene.

Fifty degrees out feels wonderful.

I wish my hair were in utero.



sarah j. said...

your comment on the weather inspired me to check mine - 57 degrees?! i am going to have to climb on to my roof to read! that's exquisite.

regarding writing, i have been perpetually uninspired but from the days when i was decent at it, i used to meet deadlines by waiting for one sentence or phrase and building a story around it. there were a few times where i twisted older things to fit new criteria, too.

i miss you.

Neil Everett said...

I still stand behind my story recommendation. Sheep that supply wool for Nazi uniforms. Reconsider. You could totally sprinkle some sheep pedophilia in their too.


Word Verification: jewsb