Saturday, March 6, 2010

Highlights of last night

Boy I was talking to that lives near me: Are you a hippie?
Me: No... what?
Boy: Cus you look like a hippie. I saw you and I thought, "Woah, hippie chick".
Me: Uhhh no. I mean I'm nice and have long hair...?
Boy: I thought you were a hippie.

*I walk into a room filled with 10 straight males rocking out to Lady Gaga at the end of a party*
Me: Woooooaaahhh

Some guy: So when did your parents separate
Me: Uhm before I was born
Some guy: Oh really how old were they?
Me: 24
Some guy: Oh man my mom was 17 when she had me,
Me: teen moms!
Some guy: Do you and your mom get along really well?

*Dancing with a guy in a friendly way*
Me: you have a girlfriend! I saw pictures!
Guy: Yeah i do.
Me: Awww.
Guy: It's her birthday in 2 minutes
Me: Call her call her call her
Guy: ehh I texted her
Me: Lame! You have to call her and be like... "Baby I love you so much!"
Guy: Uhh I've never told her that
Me: But you feel it. I know you do
Guy: Wow, you're surprisingly romantic.

Back story: Six months ago I drunkenly opened my apartment door thinking someone had knocked on it. No one had. I still invited the dude in the hallway in, though he hadn't knocked. I gave him a tour of my apartment. My roommates were not thrilled. Then I kicked him out abruptly because I was bored. He called me a bitch. I never remembered who it was remotely and never saw him again.

That guy: Oh gosh! It's you!
Me: Oh man!! I gave you a drunk tour!! Then you called me a bitch
*we high five*
That guy: I could never remember who it was
Me: Me neither!! You called me a bitch
That guy: I probably meant it in the fun way. Like, "Bye bitttccchees"
Me: Nope. Nope you did not.

Me about every 30 minutes: Kristie come! I have to pee! I only want to pee outside. Let's go behind the barn!

There were low lights too, but lets keep them off here. After five hours of sleep I woke up because I can't sleep anymore. I am exhausted and have an extreme headache. It's supposed to be wonderful out today. And so it goes...

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