Tuesday, March 23, 2010

growing up means never having to say hello in person

A man whom I've never met but apparently saw me at a bar on the island last week told his cop friend (who knows my mom and my mom's friend who I was with, also it was March on island and thus the bar scene was scarce and unexciting) that he thought I was cute. I only met the cop friend briefly at said bar (sorry for the he said/she said recount), and didn't say much. But his FRIEND apparently saw me. He's 25. So of course the adult thing to do is tell your cop friend who then texts my mom who texts me and asks, "Can he facebook you?" I respond to my mom, "Well, we're all adults here".

What I say in my head: Yeah, oh yeah definitely, tell this guy who I didn't ever speak to in my life that is three years older than me that asked to FACEBOOK me through his friend who then texted my mom, that he can in fact have permission to look at an online profile of me which he could only simply access if he knew my full name.

*Breathe out*


Terri.Lee said...

UH-MAZing. This so so totally typical and fantastically Vineyard at the same time. I think Mom should definitely start signing everything she does with "XOXO GG" at the bottom. I love this story & I am quite curious who it was exactly...

Rachel said...

One, he's only three years older than you.

Two, a man thinks you're cute! Be flattered! (and ignore him if you think he's a creeper)

kat(hryn) said...


I am so anti not approaching someone in real life though! I'm definitely flattered but c'mon... texting two degrees separated and wanting to contact me via facebook????? I want someone that walks up to me!!!

p.s. i like you!!!

p.s.s. Totally agree on the GG thing Ter