Sunday, January 3, 2010

Texts for me

I am composing a "Best Texts of 2009" list to commemorate the year. Granted I only have a thousand over the past few months to select from, here they are:

Greg: Aidan is wired

Chris (last name withheld for his own privacy HA!): Well if you. get this andm wanna make out, fuck, or whatever else either now or between 11 am and 1pm let me know cvz you mad hojt and mad fuckable baby haha
* note: typos on purpose

Neil: Six years. Greg dunn to your terry

Neil: At some point people settle but some find the volcano. Apparently i have the best hair ever

Terri Lee: American Apparel comment

Justin T: You are a sensitive girl and im a dumb boy who thinks with his libido
* note: ass

Terri Lee: All butt damage, but one barf last night. ?don't you have some soup??

Neil: Cryed during Jals eulogy but never completely warmed up to her. I will not get a black girl pregnant for that reason. How was film class tonite?

Sarah: Bring geeg to me cesare

Terri Leee: How you feelin'? Irie?

Mike: I am in a super boring class, wwhdtd?

Greg: I love your girth

Neil: Facebook sidebar smart ads :" meet single moms". Does the internet know more about what I want than I do? Unlikely.

Kristie: Then I want to smoke you

Sarah: When will you return to the casa mi amiga mujer (that means best right?)

Carter: Wuv u too see u Sion

Kristie: I am. Also, latte is alive and well.

Mike: P.S. Do you think she goes by ms. gaga?

Mike: this is really gossip girl not mike

Neil: True Blood fruit bowl at dc

Any text from Deli Sam. And many many more.

Terri Lee: huh? noo? I put up the 66 shields.


sarah j. said...

HAHA mike's lady gaga text takes the fruit bowl.

Neil Everett said...

barely remember sending some of these but they make sense to me when I think about them for a minute. <3