Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll make love to you

Currently working on a group presentation and organizing and researching for it. But what is distracting me is The Beatles. I didn't know you could make love to music, and now you can.

I am posting to remind myself that I can go to a party without having a completely foul time. Just dance and introduce yourself. I think I talked to 15 people or more that I'd never met before last night. It was really a great time. Someone said something offensive/pretentious to me and I sprinted away up the stairs away from them without saying anything. Taking this into account, I can get smoothly out of any bad situation and lead the dance circle and bond with random people. Cheers to aimless fun, no cheers to work or applications. And Cheers to Justin, birth.

1 comment:

sarah j. said...

i want to dance with you at parties!
oh, parties. i miss them, some.