Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heartless Bastard

I enrolled in classes for next year. It feels good to have a capstone and 18 credits jingling around in my head. I am taking Syntax, Thesis-Indepdent Spirit in Literature, Writing with Technologies, History of Witches, Avant Garde film, and 20th Century Literature. First semester in a while without creative writing, but they only offered poetry and that class conflicted with my Thesis, which is the only class I need. Oh well.

Things are really busy, cold, and rainy here. House searching and countless assignments and nights with little sleep are draining my bones. I'm conflicted and yet so calm. And feeling slightly wreckless these days.

One of my new favorite songs is "The Mountain" by Heartless Bastards. They're not touring anywhere in MA. A shame. This is an acoustic version with just the singer. She has an amazing deep voice.


sarah j. said...

don't know where i'm living this summer (new york? amherst? gasp....syracuse?) or what i'm gonna do to make moneys, but i'm cruising along ok because of next semester, too.

i still have to do the capstone thing (gonna rock it indie style, guess i have to do that in the fall), but i'm so excited to syntax with you. also am taking studio drawing, issues in world cinema, 20th century irish lit, and metaphor&creativity with the inimitable bobby dow. (something might have to drop).

today i was talking about recklessnesss and she's too young, but they were different conversations.

Stephania said...

History of Witches is so good! I'm doing indie capstone too but have no no no idea what it's going to be.