Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm lonely, Wanna Die

For such a suicidal song, "Yer Blues" is really catchy and quite delighful. It always puts me in a good mood.
I've decided to compile a list of my possible favorite Beatles songs (subject to change) and my least favorite Beatles song (not that subject to change).

I've Got a Feeling
I Me Mine
Yer Blues
I'm Only Sleeping
Long, Long, Long
You Never Give Me Your Money
Hey Bulldog
Good Morning Good Morning
Old Brown Shoe
Don't Let Me Down
Things We Said Today

And much much more.

Least Favorite:
Dear Prudence
For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (but it's growing on me)
Annnnd that's all I can think of.

I got a book called "A Hard Day's Write" for Christmas that explains every Beatles song. Quite cool. I also got nice new boots, a bag for school, shower gel that smells nice, a tapestry, a brita filter, a Sigg bottle, and pjs.
It was a quiet, anticlimactic christmas which was nice.
I decided to visit my father's house because I haven't in three years. It was somewhat odd and awkward but it felt good to conquer a fear. It was weird when present time came around and I received none. I wasn't expecting any nor wanted any, but it was just a weird moment. I think my dad wants to send me some because he called at 8am asking for my address. Will I resume full contact? No. But did I get over something by going there? Yes. My younger brother is not so young anymore. Height, voice change, braces, acne, attitude adjustment. He was pretty nice and I'm glad to see he's maturing.
I'm going off island today to visit my Grandma and stay at a hotel with a pool (I didn't bring a swimsuit home with me in December, though, darn). Then Saturday I am going to my Grandfather's in Groton. Returning to the island. Then Sunday my friend Sharon is arriving to my house to check it out. We have never spent time with each other outside of school so I'm excited. I will also visit a dear friend Becca the following day. Much to look forward to.

But not the long drive.
I must go pack my things. And dress.

A hard day's write,

p.s. All I asked for was a George Harrison Tshirt for Christmas, and didn't get it. I can always get it for myself.

p.s.s. Aiden got a Wii and is now a slave to it. He designed avatars for us and mine had bangs and was named Kate. My mom's had long hair and was named Proudey.


sarah j. said...

oh i'm so jelly sharon is visiting you! ah!

Neil Everett said...

That's great that you got to visit your family even if it might have been weird. Aiden is my hero.