Sunday, December 27, 2009

Secret recipes and songs that define them

Today I was at Scottish Bakehouse and the nervous worker girl-bee knocked over a whole display of chips. I told her, "Don't worry today I fell on my ass in the bathroom. Tripped on the rug. Fell into the trash can. Now I have a bruise on my butt". I think it made her feel better. And it was 100% fact.

Your year is only as good as its soundtrack, right?
The famous Summer09 mix bestowed upon DJ Cartel I will now reveal, mainly for my own memory's sake:

1. Electric Feel- MGMT*
2. I Want you Back- Jackson Five
3. ABC- Jackson Five
4. Bingo- MIA*
5. Glass Danse- The Faint
6. The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson*
7. P.Y.T.- Michael Jackson*
8. Wanna Be Startin' Something- Michael Jackson
9. Ya Mama- The Pharcyde
10. So What'cha Want- The Beastie Boys
11. Sabotage- The Beastie Boys
12. Body Movin' -The Beastie Boys
13. I'll Be There For You- Method Man
14. How High- Method Man and Red Man
15. Work It- Missy Elliott*
16. Rump Shaker Radio Remix- Wreckx-n-Effect*
17. Time to Pretend- MGMT
18. Move your Feet- Junior Senior*

* songs that are part of my human definition.

Current favorites: Of Montreal, Donovan, Michael Jackson

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